presh cuttings

When I started doing this street art thing, I was inspired by the work of the Melbourne and international heavyweights I saw in books like Uncommissioned Art and Street Art Uncut. There’s something enormously satisfying about seeing my own stuff make an appearance in the newest comprehensive street art monograph, Land of Sunshine, compiled by the one and only Dean Sunshine.



You can pick up this excellent collection from the National Gallery of Victoria. Check it out:



In other publishing news, my work has also appeared in San Fransisco based rag, Das Einhorn Magazine:



Good times.

4 responses to “presh cuttings

  1. As always, loving your work! great to see you in print…

  2. Loving your Art Habib <3 x

  3. Ahhhh i will buy that this weekend 4 sure! I keep forgetting! Hope there are still some left.

  4. Thanks guys, you are treasures <3

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